Dawn Finch

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Dawn Finch

Dawn grew up on a London overspill council estate and spent much of her childhood escaping by reading books from local libraries. When the careers officer asked her at the age of 12 what she wanted to do she replied “a writer and a librarian”. She was told to stop “pointless dreaming or she would only live to regret it”.Brotherhood of Shades book cover

While working for an academic publisher, sorting the unsolicited submissions, Dawn learnt something about how not to prepare a manuscript. She then worked at St Albans Abbey as a Research Assistant for the Education Office, a role which involved taking school children for tours of the Cathedral whilst dressed as a Benedictine monk.

Brotherhood of Shades is her first book and she has now worked in libraries – both school and public – for over 25 years. She has no regrets and is glad that she never stopped her pointless dreaming.